One of my readers actually suggested this idea for [tag]how to shoot a basketball better[/tag].  I’ve refined it a bit and included it for you below.How to Shoot a Basketball Better

From Vince…
This is our Lancer 3Pt [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag].  All you need is two balls and both baskets.
First split into two teams try and make each [tag]basketball[/tag] team as even as you can, in other words dont put your best shooters on the same team.

Using the perimeter 3pt line as your guide put a cone or a dot to mark 5 outside shots, 1 in each corner, 1 on the top of the key and 2 on each side off the elbow creating 5 perimeter shots.  One team starts on one corner of one basket while the other team starts on the other basket. Both teams are in single file line.  Each player shoots and gets their own rebound no help.  If you miss the shot shooter must get his/her own rebound and pass to the next player in line. If you make the shot the whole line moves to the next spot with the next in line shooting next. No make it take it; this is team shooting.  Each team must make one shot at each spot up and back and then each player must make two free throws to move to the other teams basket.The team that makes the up and back perimeter shots and free throws at both baskets wins. Losers get the suicide. 

Tip:“  if any player can’t shoot the three, take one step in. With both teams shooting at the same time this is a fast fun [tag]basketball drill[/tag] which teaches your players to follow your shot, make your free throws, take the quick outside shot and work together!