I received these [tag]basketball drills[/tag] on [tag]how to shoot basketball[/tag] from Dan and from John, two of my subscribers. Give them a try with your teams!How To Shoot Basketball

From Dan…

Teammates face each other in a sitting position about 8 ft apart. With proper form and follow-through you shoot the [tag]basketball[/tag] to your teammate. If the shooter makes a bad shot and his teammate cannot reach the ball in sitting position the shooter must run after the ball return and shoot again. Great for making them concentrate on what they are doing!! (10 to 15 min [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag])“ “ 

From John…
Free throw shooting practice. This is intended to better mirror game situations.

Rather than having players head to different baskets and shoot 5, 10, 15 free throws in a row, send three players to each basket. One player shoots 2-5 free throws, one rebounds and third player runs a ‘ladder’ or two ‘up and backs’ before assuming his/her spot on the line. Rotation would go runner moves to free throw shooter, shooter moves to rebounder, rebounder to runner and so on.

Helps practice concentration, collecting yourself at the line and shooting after fast paced action which is obviously when free throws happen in a game.