Take a look at this submission from Vern.  A great suggestion for [tag]basketball coach[/tag]es to teach [tag]how to shoot in basketball[/tag]. It can work with all age groups.How to Shoot in Basketball

From Vern…
I love your idea, so I’m going to share one of my favorite “fun”“  [tag]basketball drills[/tag].  My wife and I coach Grade 6-7 girls in an elementary school, and many of them are very inexperienced, so one of our main goals is to let them see some progress in developing their skills.  We also want to encourage them to shoot close-in shots ( layups and bank shots) because most of them simply don’t have the skill to launch long shots (and we don’t have three-pointers at this level).

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is simply called “Baskets In a Minute” and it’s a competition among groups of players to see which group can score the most baskets in a minute.

We usually have 4-6 players grouped around each basket, each with a [tag]basketball[/tag], and we urge them to announce each basket loudly.  We have six baskets in our gym, including two that are lower than 10 feet , so we make sure that the same groups don’t always have the advantage of the lower baskets.  Sometimes we select the groups ourselves, trying to balance them, but at other times we allow the girls to choose their own groups.

This drill is always a lot of fun and the girls love competing as part of a group.  I find it’s a good break from the more complex, demanding basketball drills and also a good way to end the practice on a positive note.