This is one of the ideas on how to [tag]improve basketball shooting[/tag] that was sent to me by one of my readers.  Try this out with your team tonight!“  Very effective and fun for the players.Improve Basketball Shooting

From Jim…
We created a game we call Dodgeball which helps kids improve their [tag]free throw[/tag] [tag]shooting[/tag], gets them in shape, and gets them used to shooting free throws when they are tired.  We find this works better than the standard [tag]basketball[/tag] free throw [tag]drills[/tag].

The winner of the game is the team who gets all the players from the other team running at the same time.
Split your kids into even teams and put them on opposite baskets.  Players [tag]shoot[/tag] free throws one at a time and try to make two in a row.  If they make two free throws in a row, they can call out the name of a player on the other team who they want to run.  This player will run down and back continuously until a player on his own team makes two free throws.

Joe, Mike, Dan, Tom, and Chris are on Team A.
Drew, Mark, John, Kyle, and Justin are on Team B.
Both teams start shooting and Drew from Team B makes two free throws in a row.  He says he want Joe to run, so Joe starts running down and back.  Mark shoots and makes his first shot and misses his second.  John steps up and sinks two free throws in a row and says he wants Mike to run.  Meanwhile, team A still has not made two free throws in a row.  Kyle from Team B makes two free throws in a row and says he wants Chris to run.  We now have Joe, Mike, and Chris from Team A running, while no one from Team B is running.

Tom from Team A now steps up and sinks two free throws.  He says he wants Kyle to run.  Kyle now begins running down and back and Joe from Team A stops running and begins shooting free throws again.

(The idea is the person from each team who has been running the longest gets to stop running when a person from their team sinks both free throws.)“  If another person from Team A made two free throws, they would choose a player to run and Mike would stop running, because he has been running longer than Chris.

We have found that at the end of games, even though the kids have done a lot of running they are used to making free throws when tired.  The kids beg to play this game.