I was at practice last night and used this drill to [tag]improve basketball skills[/tag] that Jonathan sent to me.  A great idea that you can use with your team and see immediate results.Improve Basketball Skills

From Jonathan…
A fun [tag]basketball drill[/tag] my players love to do is a full court three man weave where all three players get a lay up.

  • First we run the drill tight.  You must weave inside the lane lines extended full court.
  • The last pass is always a bounce pass.  We bounce pass to all basket cuts.
  • The weave continues until all players shoot a lay up.  All lay ups must use glass.
  • Next we run wide and make four passes in the full court three man weave.
  • The fourth pass is a bounce pass, the weave continues until all three get a shot.  We do the drill down and back.

We use this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill in our full court drill session for warm up and conditioning.