Many coaches are searching for [tag]drills[/tag] for [tag]practice[/tag] that will teach their players how to [tag]improve my basketball skills[/tag]. Here is one suggestion from Charles that covers offense, defense, ball handling and conditioning. Give it a try.Improve My Basketball Skills

From Charles…
3 on 3 Trap/Break the Trap Drill

The three offensive players attempt to bring the ball up past 1/2 court. The other defensive players attempt to trap the offensive players in one of the two “trap zones”.

Offense begins the[tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] with an in-bounds play at their defensive baseline. The [tag]defense[/tag] begins the drill on their offensive side of the 1/2 court line. Drill ends with either the trap successfully “broken” by the [tag]offense[/tag] through effective passing out of the trap and the ball advancing into the front court or the defense being successful in turning the ball over via a steal, poor pass, etc.

Once the outcome is completed, the offensive “threesome” moves to defense, the defensive threesome moves off the court and joins the end of the line to become offensive players and a new offensive threesome moves onto the floor to attempt to break the trap.

The drill works on [tag]ball-handling[/tag], [tag]passing[/tag], spacing and [tag]trap-breaking[/tag] skills for the offensive players. For the defensive players, the drill works on team defensive skills, trapping skills and effective communication on the floor. Plus working this drill on the full court provides [tag]conditioning[/tag] benefits as well.