Coming up with new drills that help with [tag]improving basketball skills[/tag] can be challenging.  Try these two [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] sent to me from Gale and Lonnie. Improving Basketball Skills

From Gale…

Block out drill vs. zone.
Offense has to make five passes.

Defense has to play [tag]defense[/tag] with their hands on their hips or behind their back.  After the shot, the defense still can’t use their hands but the ball must bounce three times without the offense touching it or the defensive team takes a lap. 

Great [tag]drill[/tag] for finding someone to block out in a zone.

From Lonnie…

Drill that my teams really like:

First have them make 2 lines under the goal on each block facing goal at the other end.
Coach out of bounds between the two blocks rolls the ball out and 2 players go after it like their hair is on fire.  The player that gets it tries to score.  The other plays hard man to man drill. 

End when basket is made by either player.