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This is a great shooting drill that teaches your players about facing the basket.  If the player is right-handed, he/she is going to jump stop on two feet, make one sound, and then always pivot on their left foot.

Set Up

  • Begin facing the left side of the court


  1. Take 3 steps and then Jump Stop, pivot on the left foot to face the basket, and take a shooting or triple threat position.
  2. Hold that position until the coach says “Shoot”, and then follow through.
  3. Coach blows the whistle, and players will repeat to the right side of the court, taking 3 steps, Jump Stop and pivot on the left foot again, taking a shooting or triple threat position.
  4. Hold that position again, until the coach says “Shoot”, and follow through.
  5. Continue to repeat this sequence for 10 to 15 repetitions on a daily basis.

Coaching Tips

This drill only takes a couple of minutes to do every day, and it is invaluable to build these important fundamental skills and build good habits.

Video Demonstration


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