This basketball drill will“ help you train your players to beat their defender with either a dribble shake or a stop and go.

-“ Form a line at half court.  Player 1 is at the start of the line
-“ Player 2 begins as the defender, and stands at the three point line facing Player 1

-“ Player 1 dribbles full speed toward Player 2 and the basket.  He comes to a stop and continues to dribble the ball
-“ Player 1 executes one of the following moves to beat Player 2
-“ Dribble Shake
-“ Stop and Go
-“ Player 1, who has kept his dribble alive, explodes to the basket and goes in for a layup

Points of Emphasis
-“ On the Dribble Shake, shake your head, shoulders and body side to side without moving forward or backward.  The idea is to get the defensive player off balance and back on his heels
-“ On the Stop and Go come to a stop and begin to stand up straight while maintaining your dribble.  The idea is to get the defender to relax and stand up as well.  When he does so, get low again and blow by him.