I’m often asked for [tag]kids basketball coaching tips[/tag].  Mark sent this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] and tip that has worked for his team.  Also check out Chris’s tip for [tag]coaching[/tag] and [tag]teamwork[/tag].Kids Basketball Coaching Tips

From Mark…
I [tag]coach[/tag] 6th grade girls beginners.

Some of the things that helped me teach them our [tag]offense[/tag] was to use flat rubber circles with numbers on them on the floor while we are learning new“  plays.  It helps them remember the starting positions.  I leave these on the floor when we [tag]scrimmage[/tag] as well.

Also when teaching Man/help [tag]defense[/tag], I use a long string to show where the passing lanes are.  While stationary, I put one end on the ball, and the other end I bring to the person they are guarding.  Then we move the ball and demo again.  It helps them visualize where they need to position their body and where to put their hand to get on and up the line when playing defense. “  It also helps when teaching them to sag in and help to the ball when it is opposite side.

From Chris…
This is not earth shattering by any means, but really helped our [tag]practice[/tag].

I coach a 10 year old girls YMCA team and the biggest problem we had the first practice was that most of the kids did not know each other.  The coaches (me and my assistant) didn’t know any of the girls either.  To begin the start of practice #2, I passed out jerseys with the girls names on the front.  They loved them and us coaches were able to connect with the girls by calling them out by first name.  In the future, I will have practice jerseys with names ready to go for the first practice so kids and coaches can immediately interact more effectively.

We are also going to have a pizza party this Friday night before our first game on Saturday so I can build a relationship with the parents and the girls can get to know each other better, which can only help overall team chemistry.