Chasing hard after a loose ball and gaining control for an offensive chance is a great [tag]basketball[/tag] drill to practice.

What you need – You will start with three lines, at half court, and the coach will be standing at center court with the balls.

How this drill works – Players in line one and two will be waiting for the coach to roll the ball.  When the coach releases the ball (green), both players sprint after it.  When one player reaches the ball and gains control, the other player assumes a defensive position.

Once a side has gained possession, a player from line 3 (blue) enters the fray as the trailing player.  The player that has gained control of the ball can use the trailer to help them score a basket.  A shot attempt must be made within 5 seconds of gaining control.  Otherwise, defenders will already be back and the opportunity lost. 

This drill requires quick recovery and thinking skills on the part of the offense, and solid defensive skills for the defender. 

Result – Players will learn to capitalize on chances when they come on loose ball opportunities.