Take a look at this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that John sent in.  A great example of a [tag]man to man offense[/tag] drill that can work with all age groups.Man to Man Offense

From John…
I’m a“  youth [tag]basketball coach[/tag] at 3-4 grade level, who had a great, very successful season… No, we did not go 10-0, but rather 5-5…We had 8 players, 5 of which NEVER played basketball before, and of the 8 players, 5 were 3rd graders (which means this was their 1st year shooting at a 10′ hoop).

We went with fundamentals at each practice (1x/week), keeping the very basics of [tag]basketball[/tag]at the core of each practice…At the end of the season, our kids played like they had been playing all their 8 or 9 years… We are a man to man league, so the favorite drill for me which really covers both offense and defense is the following (I know it’s been around forever, but it really is the foundation for your defense):

Offensive player starts at the top of key, defensive player at baseline.
Coach passes ball to offensive player, and as he passes the defensive player sprints to defend.

This one on one basketball drill enforces the basic premise of staying between man and basket, sliding feet, and once shot is taken, proper rebounding technique (which also includes running down long rebounds). Play continues until defense gains control of ball, or until offense scores the ball. This also helps the offensive“  player practice various dribble techniques (guarded dribble, cross-over, off hand dribble, etc.)…I will, after a couple of rounds, add another pair to now play 2 on 2, and so on until we were at 4 on 4.

This helped the kids understand one on one defense, and team defense. The kids loved this drill, because they knew it would lead to a scrimmage.  I liked the drill because it gave the kids an extended time practicing defense.