Here is a [tag]middle school basketball practice plan[/tag] that simulates game conditions. This [tag]shooting basketball drill[/tag] teaches your middle school players the importance of using your pivot foot as well as following their shot.

There are 4-6 players with 3 basketballs assigned to a basket. Each player has a partner. At the whistle each one of the partners who has a ball takes a shot, then immediately follows their shot and gets their own rebound. They then pivot to find their partner through the traffic caused by all the other players doing the same thing. They pass the [tag]basketball[/tag] to their partner and he takes a shot.

The person who passed the ball finds a spot on the court where he wants to shoot from and goes there. When the next shooter rebounds his shot he must pivot to find his partner and so on. They can do this for 10 shots each or for as long as you want. With everyone shooting at the same basket and all running around“  the same area it creates the kind of traffic you might see in a [tag]basketball game[/tag].