The [tag]Mikan Drill[/tag] is a great [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for teaching [tag]post players[/tag] to use both hands around the basket. 

-“ Player stands directly to the right of the basket, facing the baseline, and with the ball held over his head with both hands.

-“ Jumping off his left foot, player converts a layup with his right hand using the backboard
-“ Player immediately takes a step back under the basket, and rebounds the ball before it comes out of the net
-“ Player takes a step to the left side of the basket and repeats the drill, jumping off his right foot and shooting with his left hand

Points of Emphasis
-“ Focus on proper footwork, exploding off the correct foot on each side of the basket
-“ Keep ball up above head so smaller players cannot reach it
-“ Make every layup
-“ Use the backboard