“ This [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]offense drill[/tag] teaches the basic fundamentals of running a [tag]motion offense[/tag].  The emphasis is on proper screening and movement without the ball.

“ Preparation
-“ On offense, Players 1 begins at the top of the key.  Player 2 occupies the right wing, Player 3 occupies the left wing.  Players 4 starts at the right block, and Player 5 at the left block.
-“ The defense matches up man to man

-“ Player 1 passes to Player 2, then runs across the set a screen for Player 3
-“ Player 3 cuts hard off the screen to the foul line, looking for an open jump shot
-“ If he is not open, he steps back and fills the spot at the top of the key
-“ Meanwhile, Player 4 screens away for Player 5.
-“ Player 5 cuts hard off the screen to the right block, looking to post up
-“ If he is not open, Player 2 swings the ball back to Player 3 and the offense continues

Points of Emphasis
-“ Good screens
-“ Hard cuts
-“ Good post ups etc.