Many coaches struggle with [tag]motion offense[/tag] plays.  Here are the instructions on how to teach a simple [tag]motion offense basketball[/tag].

Set four cones around the three-point line and position a player at each cone (i.e., left baseline/wing, top left, top right & right baseline/wing).

The [tag]basketball[/tag] starts at top right and the rules are simple.
1. Players closest to the ball V-cut to get open
2. Player with ball passes to open team mate
3. Whenever a pass is made, the passer cuts to the basket, looking for a give-and-go
4. Players without the ball automatically go to an open cone that is closer to the ball than their current position
5. If the return pass is not given, the passer returns to the three-point line to the cone that is now vacant (there will always be one)

Notes :
a.  If the player with the ball is on the baseline/wing, they will always return to the cone they just vacated (i.e., after running a back door cut to the basket); if you work it out, you’ll see why.
b.  If the player with the ball is at the top (right or left), they will either end up in the wing position on the other side of the court (if they passed it to the wing on their side) or in the wing position on their side of the court (if they passed it to the other top position.
c. Don’t forget to remove the cones for games.

Once the basic flow is established, the fifth (post) player joins.  The rules for this player are also simple:
1.  Travel the perimeter of the key with back to the basket, always following the ball.
2.  Whenever a pass is made along the three-point line, set a back screen for the passer (to help spring them free for the give-and-go); then, follow the ball.  Notes :“  When the ball is passed to a wing, the post slides down to the block (after the cutter) for what could be an easy basket on a pass from the wing.