These ideas to improve “[tag]my basketball skills[/tag]” were sent to me by Derek and Barb.  Both ideas are excellent ways to improve the individual [tag]basketball[/tag] skills of your players in addition to honing [tag]teamwork[/tag]!My Basketball Skills

From Derek…
My idea:“  In a [tag]scrimmage[/tag] have two teams 5 on 5.

When a player commits a foul, or makes a bad play, he is substituted out and a player from the bench comes in.  The player pulled from the game, runs one lap(or one set of bleachers) and has to hit 10 free throws before returning to the bench line.  Also pull a player when they get tired.  Ensure that there are many different combos of the team.  When your team gets in foul trouble, you can always count on any 5 games in the game, you don’t have to worry about their chemistry because it will already be perfected through the scrimmage.

Furthermore, the players get in better shape, and become better [tag]free throw[/tag] shooters.

From Barb…
[tag]Conditioning[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]

Place yourself on back.
Place ball between ankles, extend your legs forward until parallel to the floor about 5 inches above.
Now with the ball and your abdominal muscles spell out your first name using your hands to protect your hips.
Write your first name 3 times, then slowly lower legs and place on ground.
Helps to tighten up the abdominal muscles.