Take a look at this submission from William.  A great example of [tag]NBA basketball drills[/tag] that can work with all age groups.NBA Basketball Drills

We do this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill called Hubie Brown. This is a transition [tag]drill[/tag] that works on passing, communicating, and being able to make layups.

Here’s how it goes:

The 5 starts under the basket.
The 1 & 2 start on the elbows.
The 3 & 4 start Free throw line extended.

The 5 passes to the 1. The 1 passes to the 2. The 2 passes to the 3. Then the 3 bounce passes to the 4 for a layup. Now, after the 4 makes his/her layup, the 5 must get the ball out of the net and pass to the 2 this time going back down the court. The 2 to 1, 1 to 4, and then 4 to 3. That is 1 repetition. You can work your team up to 4 full reps.
Here is the good part. If one of the players drop a pass, miss a layup, or the post does not get the ball out of the net that team must start over again.
This is a great drill for [tag]conditioning[/tag] because the players have to sprint every time down the court. Remember to tell the players to switch positions every time they come up to complete a repetition.