Hey everyone…

Last week I added a handful of coaching videos I created with [tag]Basketball Blueprint[/tag] to YouTube…
Here is one of them I thought I’d share with you guys here:


For those of you new to my blog, [tag]Basketball[/tag] Blueprint is a brand new play design software that was just released this season.  So far [tag]basketball coaches[/tag] from across the US and world have been loving it. “  Maybe it’s something you’d want to add to your [tag]coaching[/tag] toolbox (or X-mas list!).

In addition to all the wonderful graphics and user friendly design- over 20 coaches have e-mailed me saying how much their players LOVE seeing their own names in the animation and printed playbooks.  My own teams get a real kick out of seeing their names “in lights”.  If you have any questions about the software, please visit the software website or send me a note in the contact box below (I usually get back to questions in 24 hours or so).

Click HERE to check out Basketball Blueprint. 

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