Making quick, strong moves in the paint is a key for any post player who wants to put the ball in the hoop often. Taking too much time will allow the defense to converge down with a double team, let an advantageous position be reclaimed by the defense, or even get stripped and blocked by an apt post defender.

That’s why having strong instincts and a quick reaction time is something you’re going to want to instil in any body that you post up often. They need to feel whether the defender is on their left or right, and use their feet and hips to leverage themselves towards the hoop.

And while you will want to practice post entry passes with your guards, in games it can be often hard to get the ball in, and your post players need to be able to catch the difficult passes along with the easier ones.

One of my favourite ways to do this, is with a high intensity variation of the Mikan drill, which I have named after another successful center for the Lakers who does a great job of using his length and position in the post – The Bynum Drill.

The Bynum Drill

You will need three passers, a rebounder, plus the player you’re running the drill for. Have him stand in the middle of the key, with two passers a little bit higher than the blocks.

Post Basketball
The Bynum Drill

You will stand at the top of the key, and your rebounder will stand directly underneath the rim.

Give both your passers a ball, and start with one in your hands as well. When everyone is ready, you will throw the post player an entry pass – lead him to the left, right, throw it up high, roll it to his feet, even whip it off the back board for him here and there.

The player should be leaping out to the ball making a strong catch, and then spinning to the basket on whatever side they make the catch, finishing strong at the hoop.

Your rebounder will be responsible for collecting the shots, and with three balls in rotation there should never be a break for the man in the middle.

Coaching Tips

  • Make the passes tough to catch – your trying to simulate a game situation here
  • Encourage your players to keep the ball high and squeeze with their elbows up as they catch
  • This drill is for conditioning as much as it is skill development, make sure to push your players hard
  • Having your players converge along the baseline and cheer each other on is great for morale – if you’ve got a player who can bounce up there and throw it down will definitely get everyone fired up

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