Many coaches struggle with finding new“ [tag]offense basketball[/tag] drills.  Here is a suggestion from Scott that has worked for me in the past.Offense Basketball

This [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] requires 3 players.  One ball is placed on the floor at each block (two balls total).  One player starts the drill by picking-up a ball at the block and going up strong with a power move and shot off the glass. 

The player then slides across the lane to the other block, picks up the other ball and does a power move to the basket with the shot off the glass on the other side.

The other two players are standing under the basket to catch the rebound and set the ball on the block so that when the shooter slides accross the lane, the ball is already sitting on the block. 

The shooter continues to slide back and forth accross the lane, picking up the ball and powering it up to the basket.  This continues until the player makes 25 power moves or for a set length of time, like 30-45 seconds. 

This drill is great for developing and improving concentration in the post.