Take a look at this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] from Mike, one of my readers.  A great example of [tag]offense for basketball[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Offense for Basketball

From Mike…
My [tag]offense[/tag] is the simple high-low variety.
Ball goes to the wing and [tag]point guard[/tag] screens away for opposite wing.  Opposite post flashes to ballside high post. “  On the reversal, the high post goes low, the low post goes high ballside. A [tag]play[/tag] I use is an old one, but easily turns into our offense.

The point w/ the ball receives a high screen from the ball side post.  That post player rolls to the middle of the FT line area.  The ballside wing moves to the ballside corner.  The weakside post downscreens for the weakside wing, who begins at the block.  The weakside post then rolls to the ballside block.

If nothing is available the ball is reversed to the weakside wing who is now at the top of the key.  The weakside wing will drive to the [tag]wing[/tag] while the highpost rolls to the block, the low post flashes to the high post and the point screens away for the wing in the corner.

We are now in our offense.