When your looking for a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that will teach [tag]offensive rebounding[/tag] under pressure- look no further. 

-“ Player 1 has the ball and stands on the foul line to the right of the basket
-“ Player 2 stands directly behind Player 1

-“ Player 1 throws the ball underhanded off the right side of the backboard
-“ Player 1 explodes to the ball and rebounds with two hands above his head.  He then comes down, keeping the ball above his head
-“ Player 2 runs behind Player 1, applying constant pressure
-“ Player 1 pump fakes violently, and powers up for a layup
-“ Player 2 must put pressure on Player 1 by bumping or pushing him as he shoots

Points of Emphasis
-“ Pump fake with the head, shoulders, and ball