Improves the defenders reaction and change of direction as an offensive player makes his move

Set Up

  • Form a line underneath the basket.
  • Player 1 is at the front of this line
  • Player 2 stands at the three point line, at a 45 degree to the basket

one on one closeouts


  1. Player 1 rolls the ball across the floor to Player 2, and sprints to the three point line to guard him
  2. Player 1 “closes out” on Player 2. Player 2 catches the ball in the triple-threat position
  3. Player 1 chooses one of the following one-on-one moves to score on Player 2
    1. “ Jab step and go
    2. “ Jab step, pull back and shoot
    3. “ Shot fake and go
    4. “ Jab, shot fake and go
  4. Play continues until Player 1 scores, or Player 2 gets a rebound
  5. Player 2 becomes the offensive player, and waits at the three point line for the next player in line to roll him the ball

Coaches Emphasis

  • Proper closeouts allow the defender to react quickly and change direction as the offensive player makes his move. The defender should focus on shortening his strides as he gets closer to the offensive player. His hands should come up to challenge the shot, and he should shift his balance slightly back as he gets closer
  • Avoid lunging or leaping into the closeout, or the offensive player will blow right by you
  • The triple threat position should be low, compact, and explosive, similar to a coiled snake.
  • The jab step should short, quick, and hard, and no more than six to eight inches long.

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