One of my readers, Robert, actually suggested this idea for a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] on how to [tag]pass in basketball[/tag]. I’ve included it for you below to try at your next [tag]practice[/tag].Pass in Basketball

From Robert…
I call this The Tiger Drill:

Player(1) starts sideline at foul line extended. He goes one on one with a defender(2) to the basket. One shot then [tag]sprints[/tag] for opposite basket; defender gets [tag]rebound[/tag], dribbles the length of the court. At halfway, in the circle, he crossover dribbles past a player(3) setting a screen, then [tag]pass[/tag] fast and flat to (1) who makes the lay-up.

Player(1) then sprints for the opposite hoop. Player(2) gets rebound and [tag]passes[/tag] to a player(4) at sideline foul line extended. Player(2) replaces (4) who passes to (3) in center circle. (4) replaces (3) who passes to (5) at sideline at foul line extended other end of the court (5) then goes one on one to the hoop against (1).

Players are lined up behind one. The trick is if the passes go hard and fast then the next person in line has an easy [tag]lay-up[/tag]. If not, the [tag]defender[/tag] can get set and play hard Defense against the next player. My guys love it. You can add cones on the weak side of the court if you find the guys are beating the pass to often.