This [tag]passing drill[/tag] will teach your [tag]basketball players[/tag] how to pass under pressure using fakes to create open passing lanes.

-“ Player 1 and Player 2 stand 15 feet apart.
-“ Player 1 starts with the ball.  Player 3 begins by guarding Player 1.

-“ The object of the drill is to pass the ball back and forth between Player 1 and Player 2.
-“ Player 3 guards whoever has the ball mirroring the ball and trying his best to deflect or intercept the ball
-“ When Player 1 successfully passes the ball to Player 2, Player 3 hustles over and begins guarding Player 2
-“ Rotate positions periodically

Points of Emphasis
-“ Use plenty of fakes, and step around the defensive player to make the pass (Fake high pass low, and fake low pass high work well)