Use the rapid fire [tag]passing drill[/tag] to teach your players good hands, faster reaction time, and pin-point passing skills.  Let me know how you enjoy this [tag]basketball drill[/tag].

-“ Player stands facing the wall, beginning two feet away

-“ Player throws hard chest pass against the wall and catches the rebound.  He continues throwing the ball in a rapid fire fashion against the wall
-“ As he throws the ball, he backs up gradually, until he is ten feet away from the wall
-“ At this point, the player moves back toward the wall, continuously firing the ball against the wall as he gets back to the two foot distance
-“ Repeat the drill with bounce passes, over the head passes, and baseball passes

Points of Emphasis
-“ Hands up and fingers pointed outward to catch the ball
-“ Target one position on the wall and repeatedly try to hit the target