This is a basic basketball drill that will help players to increase their passing accuracy and increase the skill set, with different pass types.

What you need –
Divide the team into groups of three players.  There should be two basketballs per group.  The players will stand in a makeshift triangle to begin this basketball drill.  See the diagram below for more details.

How this basketball drill works –
This basketball drill is going to work on the basic passing types that you have, in a basketball drill that will keep players on their toes, and emphasize good passing technique, and reception.

To start the basketball drill, the 1 player will make chest pass (red) to player 5.  Player 5 will make a bounce pass (blue) across the key to player 4.  Player 4 will make an overhead pass (black) back to player one.

When player 1 starts, by passing the ball to player 5, player 4 also has a ball and then passes the ball (overhead) to player 1.  With two balls going, this basketball drill should be continuous.  It is a great concentration basketball drill for all players, especially when you move them to different positions and they need to execute different passes.

You can increase the difficulty of this basketball drill by allowing one, or even two defenders to lightly defend the passes, so the players have to make quick decisions to keep the ball going in the passing triangle.

Result –
Better passing skills and players will learn to pass the ball quickly and accurately.