One of my subscribers actually suggested this idea for [tag]personal basketball practice drills[/tag].  I’ve included it for you below.  Keep ’em coming!Personal Basketball Practice Drills

From Roy
Here is a defensive [tag]basketball drill[/tag] I created to help my players apply more pressure while pressing; I came up with the Coach Grant Drill.

A player stands at the baseline with a [tag]basketball[/tag], a second player stands at the file line or file line extended, a third player at half court and another in the back court at the file line.

The player with the ball parses to the player at the file line and the player receiving the ball pivots away and holds the ball. The player that passes the ball has to run around the player with the ball, take while facing him and pass it up the floor to the next player. He receives the ball, pivots and repeats the same process as fast as He or she can. After reaching the opposite baseline the process.  It is then repeated in the opposite direction.

There can be a line on the opposite side of the floor to create a competition to increase the speed.