[tag]Motion offenses [/tag](or any [tag]set play[/tag])“ will break down very quickly if you are unable to enter the basketball into the wing.  This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] teaches your players how to get open on the wing to start any set play.

-“ Form a line at the top of the key.  Player 1 starts with the ball at the front of the line.
-“ Player 2 starts at the wing

-“ Player 2 executes a V Cut to get open at the wing
-“ Player 1 hits him with a crisp chest pass.
-“ Player 2 squares up, sweeps the ball through, takes one to two dribbles and scores a layup
-“ Player 1 moves over to become the V Cutter, while Player 2 moves the back of the passing line

Points of Emphasis
-“ On the V Cut, walk the defender down the basket at your own speed, push hard off your baseline foot, and explode back toward the ball.  Change of direction and change of speed are key.
-“ On the sweep, stay low, with your head up and knees bent.  Rip the ball through, and bring it into the triple threat position