Many coaches struggle with coming up with new [tag]drills[/tag] to [tag]coach[/tag] youth to [tag]play defense in basketball[/tag].  Here is one suggestion that will work well with your youth team.Play Defense in Basketball

From Jason…
One [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that I used to help my younger kids see the floor and watch for the open man.  (I coached 6th grade, and was assistant to higher up teams).

I would put 5 guys spread on the floor on [tag]offense[/tag]. “  I would use their numbers (1-5) depending on their position.  I would then take 4 [tag]defensive[/tag] guys, give them all a number to [tag]guard[/tag] (not telling the offense who would be left open), and have them all go on the foul line.

On my go, the [tag]defense[/tag] had to run and pick up their man (1 man is open).  If offense scores, they get point, defense gets a [tag]rebound[/tag] or doesn’t allow a basket,“  D gets a point.  Play to three, loser runs a few laps, etc.