Many coaches struggle with coming up with fresh ideas for [tag]proper basketball shooting[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag]. Here is one suggestion from William that works well!Proper Basketball Shooting

From William…
I like this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]shooting[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]. I call it the “4 minutes shooting drill”.

Divide the team in two groups–one on the left side,one on the right side (or one group at one basket).
Groups are split on two spots (e.g. baseline and free throw line extended;or FT-line extended and top of FT-circle, or…) .Two balls,one for each half-team.
First player left and right (let’s say at the baseline) [tag]shoots[/tag], [tag]rebounds[/tag] his own shot and [tag]passes[/tag] to the other group at the FT-line extended. The player who received the pass, shoots, rebounds and passes to the baseline row.
The [tag]shooter[/tag]-passer follows his pass and goes to the end of this line.
After 4 minutes group left or group right with the most basket wins .
We try to make 70 or more baskets, depending of the qualities of the players.

-After 2 minutes group left runs to the right side,and vice versa, and continues shooting.
-The groups take only 3-pointers
-Fake shot, one dribble and shot
-Group A shoots from one step inside the 3-pointline , group B from outside the 3-pointline: we count the points, not the made baskets
-The all team is divided over the 4 mentioned spots, the first man on each line has a ball-shot, rebound, pass to the next group and follow – Now we try to reach a certain number of made baskets for the all team together (e.g. 100 2-pointers or 80 3-pointers)

Notice the importance of going after the ball (rebound) and the value (not losing time) of a correct pass.

Easy drill, but concentration is needed , and fun because of the competition in it.