This is one of the [tag]basketball drills[/tag] on [tag]proper basketball shooting form[/tag] that one of my Australian subscribers sent to me. Try this out with your team tonight!Proper Basketball Shooting Form

From Chris…
I’ve been using this [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] with junior teams over the last few years and find it useful. The kids love the challenge of trying to reach their target and concentrate really hard on making their shots.
The challenge is for the team to make 40 baskets in two minutes.

You split your group into two halves and both start from each side of the low block/post with a [tag]basketball[/tag] for each group. (Our key in Australia is angled as per international rules.)

On the word ‘go’ the two groups try to make 10 layups…just by taking two steps and shooting (no dribble). After each person has shot they pass the ball to their team mate (the next in line). Once the whole team has scored a total of ten layups, the challenge is to make ten jump shots from the low block. We encourage the players to use the backboard square to assist in accuracy.  When they’ve made ten shots (now the running total is 20) the shots move to the foul line for both groups.

When they’ve made ten shots here (running total 30) they return to the low block for ten more two step layups to give a total of 40 shots.

But the clock is the challenge! You call down the time left in 30 second increments. Not many junior teams can complete the 40 shots in 2 minutes.  As added incentives you challenge the team to better their best score and add penalities (push ups etc) if their total score slips. I also deduct a point for any air balls to ensure the players concentrate on proper shooting form, rather than just chuck it up there hoping.

Hope this makes sense.