This is a great pre-game warm-up or practice drill that focuses on passing. It will really show you the players who ca handle the ball on the move and on the fly. It will also help break the habit of players who always take the ball above their head.

Set Up

  • 6 players on the court
  • The players will make 2 lines of 3
  • 1 player will be stationed on each side of the key at the end court line, each with a ball
  • 2 players will be stations at half court on the line, each front player with a ball




  1. First player at half court will pass the ball to the player on the other side of half court, and then begin moving diagonally towards the player at the end of the court.
  2. Player at end court will pass the ball diagonally to that first player as he moves toward them, and then move up to half court as the moving player takes the position at end court.
  3. The other player at half court will then pass the ball to the player on the other side of half court and then move diagonally towards the player at end court, who will pass him the ball and then move up the line to half court.
  4. Repeat this motion to create a constant rotation of players through all positions.



Video Demonstration



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