Looking for [tag]rebound drills basketball[/tag]?“  You’ve come to the right place!“  Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.Rebound Drills Basketball

From Sandra…
I find when coaching [tag]youth basketball[/tag] players, that they tend to stand around after a [tag]rebound[/tag] and wait for the ball.  I am using the following [tag]basketball drill[/tag] to help them get going as soon as their team mate rebounds the ball.

It is the 3 on 2 with an outlet – basically it is a [tag]3 man weave[/tag] after rebounding the ball with an outlet.  2 players set up at one end of the court in the key, and the other stays outside of the 3 point line – the 2 players are going to play defense once the ball comes across half court.  The other 3 players start at the other end, 2 players rebound the ball, and the one who actually gets the rebound, passes to the 3rd player who is the outlet, the outlet player takes the ball up the middle while the other 2 players come down the sides, after crossing half court you have a 3 on 2 set up going.

They go until a shot is made or the defensive players get the rebound and passes to the outlet and play continues down the court where there will be 2 players waiting to play defense with 1 player being the outlet and so on.