Rebounding Drill with a Fastbreak FinishThis is a favorite drill of mine. I call it “3 on 3 to 3 on 0 fastbreak”.  It is a rebounding drill with a fastbreak finish.

3 on 3 to 3 on 0 Fastbreak
You have 3 teams of 3 players (more players is fine they just sub in).
One team is on defense and one on offense.
The coach shoots the shot to be rebounded and the D trys to block out while the O crashes the boards.

If the D gets the defensive rebound the player must verbally yell “ball”, the other two players must get to the outlet positions and verbalize this as well. The ball is outleted to one of the“  outlets and the player not receiving the outlet now yells “middle” as he breaks to the middle.

The rebounder fills the opposite lane from where he outleted and the players break down the court 3 on 0.

At the attacking basket the players must execute a pre-called movement outlined by the coach (pass to wing and basket cut for score or pass to wing and screen away for score etc.). If the offensive team in the initial set get the offensive rebound they first try to score and if successful, they get to break to the other end and the defensive team is punished by having to do 10 pushups on the end line.

The three teams rotate into the drill and points are scored at both baskets with the first to 7 winning.

This is a very competitive drill. The defense does not want to give up an offensive rebound because they risk first, giving up a chance to score at the opposite end, second, getting scored on and finally, pushups.