I was at [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] last night and tried these [tag]run and shoot basketball[/tag] [tag]drills [/tag]sent to me from Kim and from Ronald. Very creative! Give them a try.Run and Shoot Basketball

From Kim…
Offensive & Defensive Driving [tag]shell drill[/tag]:

Set up an [tag]offense[/tag] & [tag]defense[/tag] in the 4 typical “shell drill” spots around the arc.  When offensive players catch the ball, they try to drive hard into the lane.  The offense gets a point for every time they get into a box formed by the lane lines & the volleyball line intersecting the lane.  The offense loses a point for every turnover.

The defense has a set time to limit the scoring, then moves to offense.  Offensive players who don’t have the ball can only score if they catch the ball on the 3-point line.  This drill helps non-aggressive kids both offensively and defensively.

From Ronald…
I like to put players at the baseline, and put a folding chair at the elbow.  I put the ball in the chair, and have the player pick it up on the run, jump stop and take the jumper from the elbow. I think it helps with [tag]shooting[/tag] off the screen.