Play Type:“ “  Transition Defense


Transition defense takes place during this drill, along with offensive spacing and movement. This drill also teaches players to play fast.

Set Up:

Players must touch a cone while the game continues going to the other end of the court. For a brief moment, the situation is 4 on 5 until the man down recovers and picks up their original man.


  1. 3 stops team wins
  2. The player who gets ball on defense must run around the cone then get back to find an open man
  3. The closest person to the ball JAMS the dribbler
  4. The next guard rotates to middle back
  5. The post rotates to LOW HOLE
  6. The diagonal back is covered by the other forward.

Coaching Tips:

  • In this drill, I would recommend going down, back, and down again before the drill ends.

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