This classic [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]offensive drill[/tag] will help you develop a 2 man game.  This works great to isolate a slashing [tag]perimeter[/tag] player or free up a mobile big man.

-“ Form a line at the top of the key.  Player 1 stands at front of the line with the ball
-“ Player 2 stands at the left wing and player 3 stands at left block

-“ Player 2 gets open with a good V Cut
-“ Player 1 hits him with a pass and Player 2 squares up
-“ Player 3 comes up the lane and sets a screen for Player 2
-“ Player 2 uses the screen to dribble towards the middle of the key.  After setting the screen, Player 3 dives toward the hoop
-“ Player 2 has three options
-“ Dribble hard to the basket for a layup
-“ Stop at the foul line for a jump shot
-“ Player 1 rebounds the ball and gives it back to the passing line.  He becomes the V Cutter.  Player 2 becomes the Screener.  Player 3 goes to the back of the passing line