This basketball drill is an excellent lead up to teaching motion offense.  Focus on proper screening technique, ensuring that the player using the screen rubs off the screeners shoulder.

-“ Form three lines around the perimeter of the three point line.  Player 1 heads the first line, standing at the left wing
-“ Player 2 heads the second line, standing at the top of the key.  Player 3 heads the third line, standing at the right wing

-“ Player 2 and Player 3 both V Cut to get open
-“ Player 1 passes to Player 2, then sprints across to set a screen for Player 3
-“ Player 3 uses the screen to cut straight across the key, looking to receive a pass at the foul line
-“ Player 2 hits Player 3 with a pass at the foul line, where Player 3 takes a jump shot
-“ The ball is rebounded and the players rotate lines

Points of Emphasis
-“ To set a screen, ensure you are stationary when the defender runs into you.  Keep your elbows extended slightly, with your arms folded across your chest.  Brace yourself for impact, but don’t lean or swing your elbows.
-“ To use the screen, take two steps in the away from the screener, to set him up properly.  Explode back and run directly beside the screener brushing shoulders with him.  Don’t leave any room for the defender to squeeze in between.