Special thanks to Mike for sending his [tag]secrets to coaching youth basketball drills[/tag]. Try them out and let me know how it goes for you.Secrets to Coaching Youth Basketball Drills

From Mike…
Three quick [tag]basketball drills[/tag] we do and you can choose.

1.  I try to take a few minutes right before practice begins to run through new basketball plays or review out of bounds, etc., seems to help our retention.

2.  After a brief (5-10 minute) warm-up period (at the beginning of practice) of simple [tag]basketball[/tag] dribbling/passing drills, I have them go through a 3-4 minute stretching routine.  Sounds simple, but each day a different person is the leader and they get a chance to interact as a group without the coaches standing right over them.  They seem to enjoy this time.

3.  Last thing is the 5 minute time at the end of practice where they get to choose any [tag]basketball drill[/tag] or fun thing we’ve done before in practice.

We only have [tag]basketball practice[/tag] for 75 minutes, twice a week, so every minute is precious, but we always try and do these things.