Nancy in St. Louis emailed me looking for new drills on how to [tag]shoot a basketball[/tag].  Here’s a drill Stephen sent in.Shoot a Basketball

From Stephen…

This is a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that I picked up along the way. It is a modified version of the chair drill.
First“  start with 3 players two just above each block with a ball at their feet; these two will be the rebounders.  The third will be the [tag]shooter[/tag], in between the other two.

The shooter goes to side picks up the ball drops steps and powers the ball up.  Then goes to the other block and repeats. The rebounders grab the ball out of the net and place the ball back on the block.

I usually have the shooter go until they make 15 [tag]layups[/tag] from each side or it can be timed. Later I add a coach or manager with a blocking pad to bang the shooter as they go up, getting post used to contact and finishing the shot.