Special thanks to Dennis for sending this one to me.  If you’ve ever struggled with coming up with fresh ways to teach how to [tag]shoot a basketball correctly[/tag], you MUST try this out!Shoot a Basketball Correctly

From Dennis…
I have a real neat [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for practice which my high schoolers love. It’s a [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] to improve the lost art of the mid-range game. Coaches can tweak this drill anyway they want, the main thing is to spend at least 10 minutes shooting on both sides of the foul line elbow. Read below I’ll try to keep it short and sweet!

Line up players as equally as possible. Three on the left elbow, four on the right, three in the middle to initiate the first pass, which can go left or right. The middle player throws a good bounce or chest pass to player on the (left elbow). Before receiving this pass the player on the elbow must do a V-Cut to obtain this pass. Once that occurs the middle player who threw the pass goes and screens away opposite the pass, in this instance he or she would screen right.

The player receiving the screen must V-Cut and use the screen properly rubbing off the screen in a catch and shoot position. All these shots are from either the foul-line elbow area or the free throw line; these are shots that you eventually want all your players able to practice and make in a game situation, including your 4/5 players. Once this is done each [tag]basketball[/tag] player alternates lines so that everyone shoots, passes,etc.

I’ve found that my players really enjoy this drill and many have become better mid range shooters because of their work at this drill. After a while I allow the players to extend their range as they make the mid-range shots.Normally we count and attempt to make over 50% before we switch sides or extend the range. It’s quite fun for the players because they realize they want to shoot a certain percentage and the big players 4/5’s get confident in their outside game as well.