Chris from Iowa sent in a request for more [tag]coaching[/tag] tips to use with his team on how to [tag]shoot better in basketball[/tag].  Here are some that Michael sent to me.Shoot Better in Basketball

From Michael…
This is not a [tag]basketball[/tag] “[tag]drill[/tag]” but I found out it really has caused our team to do some serious bonding.

The second week of our [tag]practice[/tag] we sat down at mid court and I had the boys, 6th-7th grade, write down their goals for the season, personal and team.  After going through each boys’ goals and the coaches’ goals we all found that similarities were everywhere and the bonding as a team has grown more each practice.

These goals are usable in practice; for instance they all wanted the team to [tag]shoot[/tag] 70% or better from the FT line, what a great form of motivation this has caused.  Now we have kids wondering when we are going to take time in practice to shoot/practice FT’s.

2nd- We have been using a [tag]weighted ball[/tag] to shoot shots no further than 3ft away from basket.  This has caused a tremendous amount of backboard usage which is great for this age since they tend to believe they can swish all shots.

We stress missed [tag]layups[/tag] are just like turnovers, the point is becoming clearer to the kids.