I received this suggestion for a [tag]shooting basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] from Oscar.Shooting Basketball

Oscar uses a simple box out drill he likes. “ 

I have twelve kids on my [tag]basketball[/tag]“ team so I break them up into two groups so that everyone participates at the same time.
I have three kids facing the basket at the left elbow, foul line , right elbow. A few feet in front of them, I have the other three kids face them with their backs to the basket. “ “ 

A [tag]coach[/tag] stands off to side on either block.  He delivers a chest pass to one of the three facing the basket. The player receiving the ball can shoot immediatley, or do a pump fake and then take a shot.  Once the ball leaves his hands, the player facing him yells “Shot” turns and must box out the [tag]shooter[/tag].

Shooting team gets a point for making the shot or getting the [tag]rebound[/tag]. Rebounding team gets a point for getting the rebound.

It teaches players to follow their shots, box out, yell Shot, shoot right after receiving the ball.