This [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] will teach your players to catch and shoot with precision.  Ensure players start within their range.  If 6 out of 10 or more shots are made, they will move back by 1 step.

-“ Player 1 stands under the basket and acts as the rebounder. 
-“ Player 2 stands at the foul line, and acts as the passer
-“ Player 3 stands at the right wing, and acts as the shooter
-“ Player 1 and Player 2 each start in possession of the ball

-“ Player 3 begins by making a hard V Cut down to the baseline and popping back up ready to receive the ball from Player 2
-“ Player 2 chest passes to Player 3, who catches the ball, squares up and shoots the jump shot
-“ Meanwhile, Player 1 passes the second ball to Player 2, and rebounds the first shot by Player 3.
-“ After shooting, Player 3 runs back down to the baseline, and pops back up to receive his second pass, Player 2 feeds him, and Player 3 rebounds
-“ Repeat the drill for the allotted time, then rotate positions

Points of Emphasis
-“ Catch the ball low, with knees bent and hands up.  Spring directly into your jumpshot, rather than dipping back down again before shooting
-“ Cut at full speed to simulate getting open in a game situation
-“ Towards the end of the drill, you’ll get tired.  Maintain your concentration and form, continue to use your legs and follow through