This is one of the [tag]shooting drills[/tag] sent in by Doug last fall.  Try this out with your team tonight!Shooting Drills

I have a [tag]basketball[/tag] shooting [tag]drill[/tag] that my players like and I get focus shooting from them with it. I call it 15-10-5-1. It has helped me send about a dozen games in over time over the last two season and that does not count the wins it has created on last second shots.
I break the team into two groups and they compete for the best record and passes on certain drills during practice.
15 – lay ups ( must start from three point line, sometimes I start at half court)
10 – Jump shots from the elbow
5 – three pointers
1 – half court shot
The winning group is the one that makes the half court shot first. I will sometimes allow the other group a chance to tie if they are both at the half court distance.