This is one of the [tag]drills[/tag] for [tag]shooting in basketball[/tag] that was sent to me by one of my readers–a great [tag]fast break[/tag] [tag]shooting[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]. Try this out with your team tonight!Shooting in Basketball

From Terry…
Fast break Shooting/Layup drill
Five balls

Start with two players at the corners of one base line (B1) and the rest of the [tag]basketball[/tag] team is lined up at the other baseline (B2) ready to do a full court [tag]three man weave[/tag]. “  The two players on“  B1 each start with a ball.  The second player in line on the corners of B2 have a ball.  Finally the first center player on B2 has a ball.

I put 3:30 on the clock and give the team a goal of getting 60 points before time is up.  The three first players on B2 we do a three man weave down the floor.  One player shoots the layup and then the other two players will get a ball passed to them by the two players on B1.  After getting the ball they will [tag]shoot[/tag] a jumper from the wing they are on.  Everyone gets their own rebound.  The player that shot the [tag]layup[/tag] will pass the ball up the floor and do a three man weave with the two players who passed the ball in from B1.  Those players who shot jumpers will replace the two players on the corners of B1.  On the way back down the floor the drill is the same except the center line gets the layup rebound and heads down the floor with the two players on the corner who passed for the wing jumper.

When the buzzer sounds if the team met their goal the would go to the free throw line.  If they did not meet their goal, two suicides and then to the free throw line.  Shoot three and rotate.