[tag]Basketball[/tag] Players should be able to make all of the close in shots around the key.  This [tag]shooting drill[/tag] should help them develop close range shooting skills.

What you need – You can split the players into groups depending on the number of baskets you have.  They should be at a basket with the key marked, along with foul shot positions. 

How this drill works – This is a great end of practice drill that players can go through to improve their close in shots while fatigued.  Each player will have a ball, and they must make a basket from each of the six foul line up spots, and also at the foul line. 

The kicker is, they have to be made in order, starting at one low post, and end at the other.  If a player misses a basket, they start at the beginning.  Practice ends when all players have made it around the world.

Result – Improved shooting percentage on close in shots – especially when players are fatigued from practice.