This [tag]shooting drill[/tag] will help your [tag]basketball players[/tag] learn to use the pivot effectively.  This is a must have drill to add to your [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]coaching[/tag] portfolio.

-“ The coach has the ball and stands on the right side of the court
-“ Player 1 posts up on Player 2
-“ Players 3, 4, and 5 line up behind the baseline

-“ Coach bounce passes into Player 1
-“ Player 1 squares up by making a reverse pivot, sweeping the ball low and hard across his body
-“ Depending on how Player 2 reacts defensively, Player 2 executes one of the following moves
“ “ “ “ “ “  -“ Quick jumpshot
“ “ “ “ “ “  -“ Pump fake, one dribble and layup

Points of Emphasis
-“ On the sweep, rip the ball through low and hard.  Don’t allow the defender the opportunity to knock it loose
-“ If the defender does not challenge the pump fake, shoot directly over him with a soft bank shot